DIY Insect repellent candle

Theres a few things im good at, writing isnt one of them. I guess thats why I never wrote a blog :). I write as I think so bare with me please. The end results will be worth it. Over here in Israel we had a long “real” winter this year. The sun is finally out and the weather is nice. Spring time. While we all love this weather, I thinks its safe to say we all hate mosquitos! The sound they make while flying in the room can drive me nuts.

Heres and easy DIY insect repellent. Looks and smells nice too.
Materials-insect repelleing herbs ( I used what in had in my garden).

Mint’ geranium, lavender, basil, lemongrass…Sliced lemons Vinegar Olive oil Water Essential oils (choose your favorite) Eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass, mint and or lavender Wick and floater. A glass jar or cup
Dierctions: Slice lemons and add in jar. Add some vinegar and herbs. Top off

with water. Add some olive oil and wick. Light and enjoy

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