When I was in high-school, I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I remember that appointment with the doctor as if it was yesterday. He said: "You'll find it difficult to get pregnant", as if he sentenced me to it. His words lingered somewhere deep in my mind. After I got married, I did not pregnant immediately, and suddenly, the verdict of that doctor surfaced in my memory. I knew that even though he decided something, I could decide differently. I made slight adjustments to my diet and got pregnant. I felt that my responsibility to maintain good health was magnified in pregnancy, and that was the turning point. I checked every food item before I put it in my mouth, I researched, read and ensured a good and healthy journey for my baby.

After a few years, with another baby, I realized I wanted to treat other people, beyond my family. I wanted to help others feel the best they could and be healthy.

The first course I took was aromatherapy. I started implementing the things I've learned at home, with family and frineds. I saw how effective it was. I experimented and mixed up creative solutions for myself and my family, and eventually, orders started coming in from outside, as well. This is how Shoresh Body and Soul Natural Pharmacology was born.

In the course of my studies at Shelem college I took the following courses:

Specialization courses:

מרצה לקורס ארומתרפיה ורפלקסולוגיה במכללת שלם

I am constantly learning and acquiring knowledge to give you the best care. I am currently receiving patients in Neve Tzuf and Jerusalem, and recently I also added the online treatment service in order to be more available and help each patient.

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